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Spring 2017

New models for spring / summer


We have developed some new DIY kits for those who likes felting. Improve your skills and be sure that even using the same decorating method, you can obtain your own unique, one of a kind garment.


"Sunny Soul"


"Wuthering Heights"


"Nets for the wind"

Winter 2016/2017

wet felting Lubov Voronina Book

Felted Clothing. Encyclopedia

Everyone who likes handmade and felting knows the name of Lubov Voronina. She was a wonderful artist and did a lot for popularization of felt not only in Russia but worldwide. For many beginners, she became the first teacher and guide to the magical world of felt. Lubov was the founder of the «Crow’s Nest» workshop and the author of numerous publications devoted to wet felting.


She got everything from life: a loving family and the opportunity to do what she loves. Thanks to the World Wide Web, she had friends in many countries, on all continents. She shared her knowledge because she wanted more beauty in this world – the beauty created by human hands.


Until the last moments, she showed us an example of courage and right attitude towards life and death.


Now, we have completed the work of her life in the «Felted Clothing. Encyclopedia».



Autumn 2016

A Bird Flew Into The Sky


Lubov Voronina, the founder and inspirer of the "Crow's Nest" passed away on October, 23...


She was a wonderful artist. Her unassuming, warm and generous personality has touched many near and far away.


Now we, her husband and daughter, continue the family business. We have many plans ahead to evolve the "Crow's Nest"


Feel free to contact us if you'll have any questions.


Ivan and Maria


Summer 2016

Felted Flower Brooch Kit

Felted Flower Brooch Kits


If you have a great desire to get acquainted with felt but you have absolutely no experience - we have a unique offer for your first felt project.


This kit contains everything you need to felt a small flower brooch - the accessory that makes your image complete. Each kit includes illustrated manual with step-by-step instructions, all necessary supplies, materials and accessories.


The new series is especially interesting by its unique mixes (carded batts) of different fibers (viscose, silk, flax, etc.) which we have prepared for you.


We will be happy if you take your first steps with our kits. They can also be the best gift for those your friends and relatives who loves handmade arts and crafts.


Shop section

May, 2016

The Site Goes Responsive


Responsive Web Design is a technology that allow a website to flex and adapt to the size of screen it's being viewed on.


Now, when you open the "Crows Nest" on a small smartphone, it will be shown the same site as on the laptop but it will be automatically reformatted to give you a better view on your mobile device.


Stay with us and follow us on @crowsnestru instagram for updates.